My New York Trip ...
   ...........was another great time with some really great people.On this trip I
took my crew chief Johnnie Null with me,which was great.We flew into
Syracuse airport on Sunday the 25th and was picked up by my long-time DW
customer and friend Rob Keller.We had talked for several years about me
coming up there and we finally got to do it.I was really looking forward to seeing
& racing on some of the most historic tracks in the country.We were pleasantly
surprised when we got back to Rob & Leslie's house that they were throwing a
party in our honor.All his crew & racing friends,and family were there, so it was
a fun time all night with great food.
  Our week was going to be full with all sorts of activities planned.We were
going to work on the car I was going to drive on Monday evening,race at Fonda
Speedway on Tuesday,have a chassis seminar on Wednesday,race at Evans
Mills Thursday,race at Brewerton Friday,race at Can Am Saturday,then head
home on Sunday.Unfortunatly rain hampered us all week,so we didn't get to
race but two shows.But we had a blast the whole week just being around Rob's
crew & Family.I got to have some great talks with Rob's brother,Rich and met
his family,Kim & Chad.He is one intense competitor and loves racing.We also
had a great time clowning around with Rob's always straight laced crew
chief,Mike Capozza & his wife Theresa(who's the exact opposite).Not sure how
they ended up together(maybe Mike's hung like a grizzly,who know's),but they
are a blast to be around.We also had a great time with long time crew,Mark
Bradt & his wife Terry.We talked about everthing under the sun and it was nice
to relax around such great people.The youngest member of the crew was Mark's
son,Nick who had tested the car I drove,the week before.I was really impressed
with him because most young people have all the answers,but Nick was very
quiet and intently watched and learned all week.He asked some very good
questions and I think enjoyed himself as well.I think he will go far in his racing
career.I can't tell this story without adding something about another couple I got
to meet.We were able to take time to visit the DIRT Hall of Fame & Museum
one day,and I was introduced to Barb Anderson who was running the place.She
is one of the greatest racing fans I've ever met,and as it turned out her
husband,Bill, has a DW car and is a top runner in the area.I was impressed with
Bill's smoothness on the dry Brewerton track,and he whooped my ass,and
finished second that night.All in all it was a GREAT,GREAT trip,and I'll have
fond memories of everyone and everything I got to see there.I'm trying to get
Rob and his crew to come out here for a week in 2005 to race.I hope it
happens.Thanks Guys !!!