The 1st Annual
M&M's Nite of Stars
Charity Race Benefitting The
Victory Junction Gang Camp
July 31 , 2002
Kyle Petty drove our car in the
charity event !
Bill Elliott drove
Scotty Allen's car !
Gettin' the car ready for Kyle to
drive !
Dale Earnhardt Jr drove
Monty Grice's car !
Mike Wallace drove
Gary Clark's car !
Ken Schrader had the advantage
driving his own Federated Auto
Parts #99 !
Steve Park drove Rex Merritt's
car just one week after his
terrible Pocono accident !
Gettin' Lil E's car ready to go !
The NASCAR Stars head for
their cars !
The Line-up :

#25 Steve Park - #12 Bill Elliott

#47 Kyle Petty - #3 Dale Earnhardt Jr

#99 Ken Schrader - #4g Mike Wallace
Earnhardt Jr says, "That was
wild , but next time I'll have to
go to the gym first to work out"
"Awesome Bill" tells Jr. how he
battled with Schrader for the win !
Petty tells Jr. ," Man, that was
unreal, I had a blast !"
A group picture that includes
Bill Elliotts son and guest
flagman Johnny Benson !!!
Schrader and Elliott telling
stories to the camera !!!