FAQ - Andy Claiborne
1. Who are your racing/sports heroes ?
Dick Trickle , Sammy Swindell , Dale Earnhardt , Doug
Wolfgang , Scott Bloomquist , Gary Webb , Charlie
Swartz , Jim Shampine , Smokey Snellbaker , Sleepy
Tripp , A.J. Foyt , Mario Andretti , Jim Clark , Tom Maier ,
Tom Reffner , Joe Ruttman , Richie Evans , Maynard Troyer
, Alan Johnson , Shirley Muldowney , Wendell Scott ,
John Force , Warren Johnson , Art Arfons , Gene
Genetton , Jerry Beach , Evel Knievel , Todd Gibson ,
Clayton Petersen , Tom Nesbitt , Leon Plank , Joel
Cryderman , Jerry Inmon , Jr Hanley , Mike Niffenegger ,
Richard O'Razda , Jack Constable , Frankie Coleman
2. Who were your favorite/best promotors to race for ?
Vern Claiborne - Any Track
George Butland - Colorado National Speedway
Jimmy King - Hub City Speedway
Cecil Harlan - Tri-State Speedway
Tom Gutowski - Shelby County Speedway
Glen Portzen - Adrian Speedway
Bob Lawton - NSCA/Boone Speedway
Bob Baker - Missouri State Fairgrounds
Fred Brownfield - Grays Harbor Raceway
3. What tracks are/were your favorites ?
24 Raceway/Moberly Speedway - Mo
Hub-City Speedway - Tx
Indiana State Faigrounds Mile - In
Missouri State Fairgrounds Mile - Mo
Springfield Illinois Fairgrounds Mile - Il
I-70 Speedway - Mo
Colorado National Speedway - Co
Knoxville Raceway - Ia
4. What tracks are your least favorite ?
Quincy Raceway - Il
Savannah Raceway - Mo
Razorback Speedway - Ar
Humbolt Speedway - Ks
Mid-Continent Speedway - Ne
El Paso Speedway - Ar
5. What are your favorite foods ?
Greek Food
Mexican Food
Japanese/Chinese/Thai Food
Nuts - Cashews/Pistachios
Dark Chocolate & White Chocolate
6. What are your favorite things to drink ?
Ice Cold Beer
Riunite Wine
Black Cherry Soda/Koolaid
Crystal Light
7. Which are your favorite racing movies ?
Le Mans
Gran Prix
Greased Lightning
Heart Like A Wheel
Redline 7000
The Big Wheel
To Please A Lady
The Racers
8. Which are your favorite non-racing movies ?
The American President
The Full Monty
Open Range
O Brother ,Where Art Thou
The Hunt For Red October
9. Who are your favorite actors ?
Gene Hackman
Robert Duvall
John Wayne
Clint Eastwood
Ed Harris
Vigo Mortenson
Sean Connery
Morgan Freeman
Mel Gibson
Denzel Washington
Harrison Ford
10. Who are your favorite actresses ?
Annette Benning
Mary McDonnell
Sandra Bullock
Helen Hunt
Dana Delaney
Marisa Tomei
Alyssa Milano
Jennifer Aniston
Eva Mendez
Anne Heche
Angelina Jolie
Rosalyn Sanchez
11. Who are your favorite musicians/groups ?
The Eagles
Buddy Holly
Garth Brooks
Bob Seger
Brooks & Dunn
Beach Boys
Soggy Bottom Boys
Willy Nelson
Aaron Neville
Hootie & The Blowfish
Elton John
Zac Brown Band
Jamey Johnson
12. Which are your favorite songs ?
Hotel California
Peggy Sue
Out My Backdoor
The Dance
Turn The Page
Neon Moon
Man Of Constant Sorrow
Everybody Hurts
Seven Bridges Road
Baby Likes To Rock It
Not Fade Away
The Lion Sleeps Tonight
13. Who are/were your favorite drivers to race with ?
Gary Webb , Bart Allen , Johnnie Null , Chris Prussman ,
Craig Wood , Kerry Davis , Scott Styskal , Wayne Larson ,
Monty Grice , Eddie Martin , Johnny Bone Sr & Jr, Charlie
Swartz , Freddie Smith , Marty Robbins , Joe & Steve Kosiski
, Terry Gallaher , Scott Bloomquist , Kevin Gundaker ,
Wayne Brooks , Ed Dixon , Rob Keller , Tiny Joles , Eddie
Bray , Buck Simmons , Leon Archer , Rodney Combs , Ken
Schrader , Kelly Shryock , Mark Noble , Doug Ingalls , Ron
Jones , Steve Crane , Brian Hall , Al Robinson , Tom Frasher
14. What are your favorite types of racing to watch  ?
Dirt Late Models
Non-Winged Sprint Cars
WoO Sprint Cars
ASA-type Late Models
Road Racing Prototypes
IRL Indy Cars
Figure 8
15. If you could go back anywhere in time,who would
you like to meet and what would you say to them first ?
- My Mom's mom & dad :
" Guess who I am "
- John Wayne :
" It's an honor to meet you "
- Evel Kneivel :
" You are the man , an American Original "
- Wyatt Earp & Doc Holiday :
" Are you feeling lucky "
- Buddy Holly :
" In the future there's this term called a "Buddy Holly" plane "
-Teddy Roosevelt :
" Bully ! "
- Abe Lincoln :
" Thank You for everything "
- Judge Roy Bean :
" Wanna play some cards "
- Cleopatra :
" Can I see your pyramids "
- King Tut :
" Nice bling "
16. What's some of your fondest memories from your life so far?
- Going to watch dad race for the first time.
- Riding in a racecar for the first time.
- Holding Cindy Williams hand at the races the first time.
- Driving a racecar for the first time.
- Going can dumping with Jim Payne.
- Winning a race the first time.
- Going to Canada fishing in the fall with dad & friends.
- Having my grandmother watch me race the first/only time.
- Calling dad after we won at Muskogee.
- Meeting all the great girls at strip clubs across the country.
- Going to see "The Full Monty" musical with Pam.
- Having the Vern Claiborne Memorial races at Adrian.
- Going to Bristol with Johnnie & Monty.
- Going to see the Blue Man Group with Pam.
- Going to the NHRA races at Topeka with Anna.
- Promoting the Show-Me Shoot out at Adrian.
- Going to see Tim Conway & Harvey Korman with mom.
- Going to the RenFest with Jennifer.
- Going to see the musical,"The Buddy Holly Story" with Jen.
- Going to Texas to teach at the driving school.
- Going to Washington & New York racing with Johnnie.
- Seeing the look on Jennifers face the first night she raced.
- Driving up Mt. Ranier with Johnnie.
- Seeing a new born baby girl for the first time.
- Learning to play Cool Cats at the casino with MaryAnn !
- Opening Evolution Motorsports & designing my own car.
- Winning at Nevada Spdwy the first night with the Evolution.
- Finishing 2nd at the Vern Claiborne Memorial at Adrian.
- Meeting all the great guys of the BNSF Railroad.
- Getting a chance to work at BMS Motorsports.
- Realizing how great of friends you have at the worst of times in life.
- Never losing the love of my soul mate & best friend !
17. Which are your favorite restaurants ?
Jess & Jim's Steak House - Martin City,MO
Outback Steak House - Anywhere,USA
Mr. Gyro's Greek Restaurant - Overland Park,KS
Casa Bonita - Denver,CO
Red Lobster - Anywhere,USA
RC's Restaurant - Martin City,MO
Smoke Stack BBQ - Martin City,MO
The Hibachi Restaurant - Kansas City,MO
Big Boys Restaurant - Wright City,MO
Texas Cattle Co. - Wichita Falls,TX
The Red Barn - Amarillo,TX
Iowa Machine Shed - Des Moines,IA
Oklahoma Joe's BBQ - Olathe,KS
The Trail Blazer - Ft.Scott,KS
Don Chilitos - Mission,KS
St. Elmo's - Indianapolis,IN
18. If you could go back in time and change anything in your life,
would you and what would you change ?
I would go back and spend more time with the people that left us way too
soon ...........
Dad , Nannie , Paul Gray , Jim McMurray , Uncle Buster , Uncle Dicky ,
Aunt Margaret .......