January 2004 - I got my winter racing fix this year by skipping the Chili Bowl Midget races in Tulsa and getting my own
new car ready.We (Johnnie and I),traveled to Talladega,Alabama for the 13th Annual Ice Bowl.What a place,what an
enjoyable trip it was!The new car ran super,but we really were treated like family by the other racers there.If you get a
chance to race in that area ,you should.People like David & Robert Eaton,Todd & Tony Gray,Jimmy & Jamey Wynn and
others made us feel right at home.They also took us to some great eating places.
"Click Here" for photos of our trip.
April 2004 - I've been so busy at work with getting customers cars ready,I haven't got to race til the last weekend this
month.We went to the new Bates County Speedway in Butler,Missouri.This was a very nice track to race on,but was
hampered by week-long rain that ruined the surface.My car wasn't ready for that rough of a track,and neither was I.Bad
luck & broken parts was the highlite of the evening,but we'll go back again.
May 2004 - I traveled to Batesville Speedway for the Alltel 100 Special the first weekend.We hauled down the cars and
crewed for Ken Schrader & Dave Blaney.The race turned out to be a Late Model drivers benefit with Scott Bloomquist
taking the $100,000 top prize.300 cars showed up for this event with Dirt Works having the most teams there with 52. In
the main there were 10 DW drivers that put on a great race with John O. Whittington being 6th at the end for our highest
finisher.I did finally race the last weekend at Nevada, the car was awesome with the new suspension I put under it,but
badluck struck again and we didn't get to run the feature.Hopefully I have the problems cured.
June 2004 - I was lucky enough to get time to fly out to Washington state this year , to race at Grays Harbor Raceway's
Northwest Nationals for Modifieds. I got to drive a car for Randy Ward ,who had been trying to get us out there to race the
past couple of years, and to say it was an extremely enjoyable trip would be an understatement.I'm devoting a page of my
website to this trip, so
"Click Here" to read all about the race and the great people I met out there.
July 2004 - As if my trip in June wasn't fun enough, this month I traveled to New York to race 4 shows at 4 different tracks
and also conduct a racing seminar in the middle of it all. We were hampered by rain most of the week but still got in half the
shows. I drove a second car for my friend Rob Keller and his awesome team. These guys know how to race , and how to
have fun doing it too.
"Click Here" to read all about this trip and the racing we did get to do. I also raced at home some this
month, but was limited because I severly burned my legs at the truck races in KC.A dumb move on my part.
August 2004 - I decided to take this month off of racing since I've been gone traveling so much the last few months.I guess
we'll get the car ready for the IMCA Super Nationals next month.My crew chief Johnnie Null has decided to retire from
racing himself due to health reasons.He has sold his car to Kenny Green in KC,who is excited about racing it right
away.Johnnie says he will continue to help me as long as I need him.I think we will have great times ahead in our racing
September 2004 - We went to Boone with a different attitude than in years past.We decided if we weren't having fun or
doing good,we'd just park the car and watch and vacation some.Well......we ran good all week despite a motor that was not
cooperating.When we left Boone,we hauled our stuff over to Harlan,Iowa and left it with Bart Schmidt & his crew so we
could race the following weekend at the Tiny Lund Memorial.They tried to figure out the motor problem and Bart practiced
with the car,but to no avail as the entire weekend was a struggle.The engine fought us tooth & nail every time we went
out.So much for best laid plans.It was still great seeing all my friends from Harlan.We finished out the month with Robbies
"Dream Race" at Adrian.I sold my car that weekend so my season was over.The race Robbie & Melissa put on each year is
still my favorite,plus we get to run our Memorial Shootout in honor of my dad.This years winner in an awesome race was
Trey Todd of Nevada,Mo.He earned his $500 and the beautiful 6' trophy that went with it.
October 2004 - To my surprise,I was asked to drive Gary Clark's second car at the Jayhawk Classic at Lakeside
Speedway.It was a nice weekend,the 2 Link/Swing Arm car was great,but I still like my 4-Bar cars.Got to see some old
friends while I was up there,and that was cool.So now my season is officially over and I can relax for the winter rush at Dirt
Til next year........See Ya!
April 2005 - This season is going to have an interesting twist as I'm coaching two drivers new to modified racing...one is 14
year old Tim North Jr and the other is 64 year old Gene Strautman.Tim is a top notch Kart racer & Gene raced SCCA
when my dad raced so I'm looking forward to both challenges.I havent got my car ready yet,so I'm going to use a DW
trade-in car for now.
May 2005 - We've got to race some,but it's all been in used cars.I'm actually on my fourth car for the season because I
keep selling the used ones after one nite of racing.I'm really looking forward to my trip to Washington next month.It's hard to
believe its already time to go.I can't wait to see Big Wally & Sundy and all the folks out there.Oh yeah,and theres that gal at
the bowling alley too,hmmmmmmm.....
June 2005 - We made our second trip to Elma,Washington's Grays Harbor Raceway and the Shipwreck Beads Northwest
Nationals this month.We had an awesome time out there and got to visit with friends we met there last year and made some
new ones too.The story I have on this trip will be bigger than last years,so
click here to read about Me,Big
Wally,"Pathfinder", and that gal at the bowling alley !
July 2005 - I still don't have the new car done so I'm still using trade-ins to race with.We are going to have to hurry to get
the new car done & tested because the "Nite of Stars Race" at Pevely is coming up the 3rd of August.I'm looking forward to
this trip because this year Chris Prussman will be taking his car too,and we're planning on racing our way back home
afterwards.Maybe we'll hit some new tracks.
August 2005 - We got the new car done.Chris and I traveled to Pevely but only his car was used for the race with the
NASCAR guys.We raced at the new Midway track in Lebanon on the way home and at 24 Raceway in Moberly.I had
throttle problems at Midway,but fixed them for Moberly and won up there after a great battle with their top drivers.Everyone
raced clean and that was awesome.
September 2005 - We skipped the supernationals this year to stay home and have fun.The car is running great as we took a
fourth at Nevada from a last row start.The fall means outlaw races and I wasn't going to miss those this year,so we bolted on
the lexan and went at it.The first open show was at Nevada,where we won the heat and led the feature early.On a restart I
flat screwed up and let Craig Wood pass me.We settled for 2nd that night.Our next show is in Iowa and then to Mayetta.
October 2005 - We finished out our 2005 Final Joust tour with a bang.The new DW11 seems to like winning
races.Johnnie,Shannon Green,and I traveled to Independence,Iowa for their annual Indee Open race.It was an awesome
race as we battled with Darin Duffy(one the best racers I know) for the win.The final race was at Mayetta,Kansas and along
with some borrowed tires from teammate Chris Prussman,we were able to win it also.We have made plans to race in
2006,so stay tuned for future announcements about our " 7 States Tour ".
January 2006 - We started out the 2006 season by going to the "Chili Bowl" midget races.This always is a great event and
definitley gets the juices flowing. I also ran my first race of the "7 States Tour" at Columbus,Mississippi. I drove my good
friend Dr. David Eaton's 4-bar DW9 there and we all had a great time despite some bad luck.
"Click Here" to view highlites
of our trip. Next month we'll be gearing up for the racing school I'll be teaching in Texas,but we might slip in a race or two.
February 2006 - We've been spending most of our time getting "The Racing School" ready to go.I've been writing &
assembling the school book,and working on the website.I found out that I'll be racing some in Texas during the school.I've
also been fighting some health issues,but finally went to the doctor and got diagnosed.It seems a hard racing accident back in
1993 has been slowly shutting down some vital parts inside me.I received a temporary fix,but I will have surgery in July to fix
the problem.
March 2006 - We got the school up and running and all went well. I even got to race Tommy Moore's car on opening
weekend with the students watching.All went great and we were able to win.It was a great car and the boys worked hard
for this win. It looks like I might drive it some more later on.The second week of school was cool because Russell Moore
beat Howard Willis for the win.All in all the instructors have been doing great. We haven't finalized when we're going to race
my car yet. Looking forward next month to seeing some close friends that are coming to visit. My temporary fix has done
wonders for my health,so we're good to go there.
April 2006 - We were all excited when our close friend David Eaton came to visit and pick up his new car. He stayed for
four days that flew by,with all we did. We got to take him to Lamberts in Ozark,Mo. and filled him up on "throwed rolls" and
all the fixins.We hated to see him go at weeks end but it was Easter weekend and he wanted to get back to his family.We
also purchased a factory stock for Jennifer to drive this year,and maybe Johnnie and I could make a few races too.The last
school this month was a treat also as several of my friends from Alabama,Steve Smith,Bryan Cochran,and David Griffin
along with Steve Crane and his Dad,and crew chief Dan Meyer went through the school. We all had a great time,and I raced
Tommy's car again. We might race more in May.
May 2006 - This month has flown by as Johnnie & I have been finishing the street stock for Jennifer.It looks like we will
debut the car on the 3rd of June at Nevada Speedway. We were supposed to have had Carl Edwards drive our car at
Paducah,Ky for a special,but the motor we were to use crapped out on us which scrapped the whole trip. Coming up is our
annual trip to Washington that Johnnie & I enjoy so much.This year we also get to race in Oregon the first weekend ,as one
of our states in the 7-States tour. It will be great to see Randy & Sundy Ward again and all the great people we've become
friends with back there. Next month's news will be all about our racing episodes in Elma,Washington and the big-boobed
beer girls ...... and oh yeah, that bowling alley ....
June 2006 - This month was suppose to be our month of fun,but it turned out to be the low point of the year. We made our
annual trip out to Washington to see our friends Randy & Sundy Ward and do some racing too. This trip was part of our 7
States Tour as we were going to race in Oregon while out there. The week started out great but went totally down hill when
we got to Grays Harbor for the Shipwreck Beads NW Nationals.After fighting handling issue's with the new DW11, tragedy
struck during Friday nights racing. During the "C" feature promotor and friend Fred Brownfield was struck and killed by one
of the cars. It was purely an accident, but the race was called off as it should have been. I will not do my normal story about
the trip,but
"Click Here" for photo's
July 2006 - We spent this month racing the street stock with Jennifer. I even got to drive it one night at Nevada. I must be
honest and say that was the most enjoyable night of racing I've had in a long time. The street stock guys at Nevada were a
pleasure to race with and raced clean all night long and without any controversy, quite a contrast to the modified racers in the
midwest area. I really had a blast racing with Joey Davenport,Billy Shadden,Tiny Joles,Zack Simmons,and Shawn Hendren
to name a few. That class has the  largest car count each week and is the backbone of the racing at Nevada. I wish them all
good luck & great racing the rest of the year, and I hope I get to race with them again sometime.
August 2006 - The tempatures have still been in the hundreds so we've still just been racing Jennifer's hotrod. I went to the
KU Med Center for my testing and that was a joy let me tell you. They did find out exactly what was wrong with me and
scheduled surgery for October 9th. The doctor said I'd be in the hospital approx. 3 days .................. but, would be out of
action around 3-4 wks due to the nature of the sugery and the recovery process. All this means is that I'll be missing the
outlaw shows at Independence,Iowa and Mayetta,Kansas in the fall. I will try to make the outlaw show at Nevada as my
friend Chris Prussman has told me he is coming down for that one.Also,Speedway Illustrated's Karl Fredrickson came down
and drove my car at Wheatland ... we all had a blast !
September 2006 - Johnnie and I put my modified together to try to get ready for Nevada's outlaw night.We went and ran it
one  week before outlaw night to make sure everything was ok.The car ran great,but I had a brand new distributor break on
us that night while headed to the front.Tony Snyder had gave us a motor to run and we tried to make him proud on outlaw
night.After running third in the heat,we started 4th in the feature.Chris Prussman jumped out to a comfortable lead early in the
30-lapper,but we ran him down at the midway point and had an awesome side-by-side battle for the lead.We ran dead even
for a half dozen laps before I finally sneaked by to take the lead on lap 22.Unfortunately,our rear gear went out two laps
later,and Chris won with Craig Wood 2nd
October 2006 - I had a nice birthday on the 2nd with Jennifer & my Family & Friends.I get operated on,on the 9th and will
be out of comission a while.We raced a few times last month just to finish out this season.Jennifer's still racing some and
doing great.We even got Johnnie to drive the street stock some,plus on powder-puff night Jen's sister Bethany got to drive
and came home with a 2nd place out of nine cars.
November 2006 - I had my operation at KU Med Center in Kansas City last month and been resting and healing for a
while.Dr. Brantley Thrasher was my surgeon and said all went great.The only bad news was that I was bed-bound,flat as a
pancake for 4 days before being released.I had to keep a catheter in me for 4-weeks which meant no work and lying flat the
whole time.As I look back on all this ,it was a very humbling and humorous adventure that I will tell you about if you see me
anytime.I do feel better already, but the doctor will not release me to race til March 1st,if everything has healed properly.I
am looking forward to getting behind the wheel again for sure.We have plans to attend the "Ice Bowl" in January at
Talladega,Alabama ,so keep checking this page for updates
December 2006 - We all had a great Christmas with family & friends. We surprised my girlfriend Jennifer on Christmas by
getting her a modified chassis to race this year.I know she's excited and a little nervous about racing it,but she went to our
driving school in the spring and drove a modified then just fine.Things are just about ready for our trip to Talladega in
January.Chris Prussman is going to haul Paul & Tony Snyder down with him,and Jen & I are taking Craig & Susan Wood
with us in a rental.It should be a great trip.I was going to take my uniform down,but Jennifer reminded me that I wasn't
healed yet,and not to take a chance on messing up what the doctor fixed.I definitely don't want to go through that again
.....my boys still aint talkin' to me yet !!!
Our Racing News
January 2007 - Our trip to the Ice Bowl was alot of fun(except for the rain & mud) and everyone got to run alot of laps in
their cars.Our friend Todd Gray won the race which highlighted the weekend. We got to go to the Talladega Museum and
take the track tour,which was real neat.The weather has been awful,so we haven't worked on the race cars yet. The first
"Driving School" of the year is right around the corner so I hope the weather straightens out. Gary Clark will be heading to
SPEEDWEEKS in Daytone in February to start his season.Hope to see everyone at the races this year.Everyone has an
open invitation to stop by and see us before ,during,or after the races this year !!!
February 2007 - This was a quiet month for everybody as the weather has still been terrible. It's been way too cold to work
on the race cars. The only break I've had has been the school in Texas ..... an awesome 75 degrees ! We have some plans in
the works for the season, and will anounce them as they are finalized. Next month we have more school trips planned with
one including Craig Wood racing down there.
March 2007 - The weather finally settled some,and the earlier daylight savings time has helped. We had a blast this month
as Craig wood attended our driving school,and raced his own car while down in Texas. He did an awesome job starting
eighth row outside and battling his way to a 4th place finish at 105 Speedway in Cleveland,Texas. Other big news for the
month is thanks to Glen Portzen of Adrian Speedway, who has convinced me to put on the 4th Annual Vern Claiborne
Memorial. Glen has been a great friend and talked me into having the race again,and hopefully make it a top event at Adrian
Speedway for years to come. More details next month, plus Jennifer has been testing the modified waters lately !!
April 2007 - This has been a rollercoaster for us.We finally got it to stop raining enough to race our modified at Nevada
Speedway opening night.The car was awesome ..... again.This has to be one of the best cars I've ever had.We'll try to race
more next month.
On a more somber note, my good friend and employer Mike Clark was stricken ill. He has been diagnosed with a mass the
size of a pingpong ball in his left frontal lobe of his brain.To say the least,it was a very hard blow to take.The doctors have
determined it is not cancer,which is a blessing.He is scheduled for surgery on the 23rd of May.I will keep everyone updated
as much as possible.
May 2007 - Rain again has been the main topic this month. We did have great news as far as Mike Clark's health, they
operated on him and said everything went great. He has a long recovery ahead of him ,so he has to take it slow for a while.
We raced some this month including the $2500 show at Nevada.The car was awesome, and we qualified easily,but the track
became a one-lane rubbered up situation in the feature.I got impatient following the leaders who were slowing us down,tried
to pass on the outside ,and went backwards to 10th place. It was a pretty dissapointing finish for having a car that was
perfect. We now are getting ready for the highlite of the season .....our 4th Annual Vern Claiborne Memorial race at Adrian
Speedway on June 9th. Hope to see you all there !!!
June 2007 - We had an awesome race night at the 4th Annual VDC Memorial Top Gun Shootout at Adrian Speedway. We
had great sponsors who helped with the purse, and the drivers put on one hell of a show. I'm not meaning to brag,but each
time we have this race the guys seem to "kick it up a notch". I even raced in it for the first time ever and had a ball with some
of the best mod guys in the area racing door-to-door. We had drivers from 6-states show up, and had the pay bumped up to
$1000 to win at the last minute thanks to Larry Sanders from Texas. I must say I got a little choked up when so many
friends/racers took time out from their normal race schedules to compete at this event. I am really looking forward to next
year !!!
July 2007 - This month was a sad one as I lost two friends that I thought the world of. The first was Lynn Clark,the father of
Mike Clark who I work for.Alot of you that race knew him from working the Dirt Works parts trucks for many years.He
was one of the most gentile person I ever met. Just a few days later I was informed that my best buddy Jim Payne from
Columbia had lost his dad after a long battle with sickness. I would be safe to say that Lawrence Payne was one of the
hardest working(coal miner) men I knew. I grew up in the racing world around these two people and they looked after me
and cheered me on the whole time. I will miss them greatly. Maybe next month will be better.
August 2007 - I haven't been racing for a while,but I've been going and helping some of my close friends like Craig Wood
and Tim North with their racing escapades. We have traveled around to Bolivar & Lebanon in Missouri and
Lakeside,Mayetta & Topeka in Kansas. Next month is the IMCA Supernationals in Boone,Iowa, and we'll be up there
helping some more of our friends.Maybe we will see you up there. Also, if some of you have heard the rumor, "yes", Jennifer
is pregnant .... so her racing is on hiatus for a while. The baby is due around the 20th of December ... which should be a
heck of a Christmas gift.
September 2007 - I was informed last month that my good friend Julie McDermid's father is in a tough battle with cancer. I
hope he can beat this because he is a great friend to the racing community and I've enjoyed racing with them over the years.
We did make it to Boone with Russell Moore in tow as he's never been there before. It was relaxing not to be racing there,
but it also drove me buggy not racing.Go figure ! I got my fill of steak sandwiches and got to visit the great BBQ joint in
Ames. Also got to see some old friends and made a few new ones. I'm not sure what the schedule is for next month, but we
might just start getting stuff ready for the "Ice Bowl" in January.It looks like Chris Prussman,Craig Wood and I are headed
there ................
October 2007 - This month was busy at work as we are introducing a new modified for the '08 season.I will be taking one
of the new cars ,called "Genesis",down to the Talladega Ice Bowl in January.We have added to our group thats going as
Russell Moore,Tim North, and Dick & Sharon Davis will be with us now.This should be a great time as we get to see some
far away friends while we're down there.I hope the new car works as good as it should and the weather cooperates.
November 2007 - Johnnie & I have been getting our race stuff together for our trip to Alabama. We found out our new car
will be on display at the huge PRI Trade Show in Orlando from Dec.6-8.We will be debuting new colors & paint scheme
this year with new sponsors too.I did receive some sad news this month as one of the great guys that helped me with my
racing passed away after having health problems during the summer.Some of you might have known Steve Mitchell from
Kansas City as he raced & owned sprint cars for many,many years.It's kinda funny how I met Steve.My good friend John
Speer brought him to my shop one day and introduced us.I thought this guy was a jerk ......boy was I wrong.He ended up
helping me very much with my modified racing and we spent some great times together at the race tracks.I will miss him.RIP
December 2007 - We worked all month to get everyone ready to go to Alabama. I know Johnnie & I can't wait to see our
friends down south. We had a very hectic Christmas getting set to go. The big news from this month was that Jennifer had
her baby. It was a healthy girl named Aubry Dawn. I never experienced anything like that before .... babies are truly a
miracle and god's greatest gift. Jen will be off work for a month recovering,but is looking forward already to race season.
Hope everyone has a great(and safe) New year !
January 2008 - The Talladega trip was one of the funnest trips I've ever taken. This year we had lots of people with us and
nice weather. The racing was great for some and dissappointing for others.I had the worst luck ever.We had the steering
wheel come off in practice and I hit the wall. Johnnie & friends jumped in to fix it so we could continue racing. We won our
heat race only to come up 20 lbs light at the scales.After starting shotgun in the 10-lap "B", we were working to get third
when we were spun out. Restarting last again ,we came back to finish sixth and missed the feature. Alex Hanson,Chris
Prussman and Tanner Whitmire all made the "A" and had strong runs. We all agreed we'll have to race together again
sometime.Next month school starts !
February 2008 - Things were quiet this month with everyone starting to get their cars ready. We had our first school of the
year and it was packed. It was a very good class as everyone was very interested in learning it seemed.Hopefully next month
Howard Willis and Chris Prussman will get their new cars and race soon. The flu seems to be going around and everybody I
know seems to be catching it. Russell Moore is still fighting back problems and is limiting his crawling in & out of a race car.
Next month I'll have different people riding with me down to the school .... it should be fun.
March 2008 - I had two great trips to Texas for the driving school as several different people went with me including my
sister & Jennifer, and Craig Wood & Geoff Olson.I had one rider MIA as Junior from "In The Pits" had last minute
commitments and couldn't go with us as planned.It turns out that March is a bad month for relationships as Chris Prussman
and his GF have split after several years together. Also, Jennifer & I have broke up after several years. So I'm back to being
single which probably means more racing.On a sad note, Jack "Candyman" Sharp of Fort Scott,passed away last week.He
was one of the nicest guys I ever met and he was also a huge race fan.He still worked full time at 82 yrs old ... I will definitely
miss him .........................
April 2008 - We finally got to race once this month as rain keeps coming in on Thursdays & Fridays. We went to Nevada
Speedway for opening night and raced on one of the roughest tracks I've ever raced on.All the rain had left nothing but a soft
base that wouldn't pack in at all. All the tracks in the area are fighting the same situation, so we'll just hafta wait it out til the
rain goes away .... then it will be hot,dry, and smooth !!! We are getting things in order for our 5th Annual Vern Claiborne
Memorial Top Gun Shootout at Adrian Speedway. I hope we have another great turn out for this event. Keep up with our
pre-entries by visiting the Adrian Speedway website at:
May 2008 - The rains are still a common occurance,but we've got in a few shows this month.We had solid runs at both the
$1000 & $2000 to win races at Nevada Speedway and are battling for the top spot in points there. And just in case you
think I've lost my mind and point racing this year ..... relax, I'll be missing all the June races at Nevada just to keep me honest
about never point racing again. I am really looking forward to our memorial race at Adrian in June.I hope the weather
cooperates because we have racers coming in from six states to race. It will be great getting to see all my racing friends again
that night.After our race,we will be loading up my car in Chris Prussman's rig so we can race with him in South Dakota a few
weeks.I'm looking forward to that !!!
June 2008 - This month was awesome as we had our 5th Annual memorial race at Adrian Speedway.We had 35 mods
show up from 6 states who put on an inspiring race.Matt Johnson became our first repeat winner of this event.I got to see
lots of friends from all over on this special night.When the night was over it seemed everyone had a great time.Our
out-of-town drivers included: Chris Linares(OK),Larry Sanders(TX),Alex Hanson(IA),Chris Prussman(SD),Russell
Moore(TX),and Jesse Manning(TX).Craig Wood and I sent out cars back home with Chris Prussman so we can do some
racing "up north" the next few weeks,which will allow me to add to my number of states raced in.We should have a great
time with Chris & his crew !!
July 2008 - We went up north to race with Chris Prussman for a couple of weekends and had a great time hangin' with all
his friends.We got to race in three different states and got to see some really nice tracks up there.We held our own every
night we raced and the only bad finish I had was totally my fault as the car was running great the whole time.With the hot
weather in,we took most of the month off from racing.We will get back to it in August.On a sad note I found out that Kenny
McCarty lost his wife to cancer this month.Kenny is one of my best racing friends and a real tough racer.We met many years
ago on the IMCA National Tour and have been friends ever since.He is going to set out the racing for a while.....I don't
blame him.Hurry back Kenny !
August 2008 - Things were kinda quiet this month ......not much going on. I'm not racing much now, but might do some next
September 2008 - I had some big changes this month in my racing & personal life. After 19 1/2 years I have left Dirt
Works to pursue my own business. This is a big step for me but it is one I had to take. The environment at DW had become
so depressing with absolutely no enthusiasum about racing and no one wanting to actually take responsibility and run the
business. The only hope I saw was when Gary took over the helm for a while in the spring. It looked like we had things
starting to turn around with some new ideas, but that only lasted about 5 to 6 weeks when it seemed control of the business
was taken back away from him.I'm not sure what went on,but I decided that was the last hope of making DW enjoyable
again. I am very excited about our new venture !
October 2008 - I didn't know one person could be so busy.This has been a very hectic time trying to get the shop up and
running and getting the first cars built. We named our business Evolution Motorsports and have aquired a great building. Alot
of old faces have shown up to wish us well and lend a hand. I have teamed up with some great people who are also great
friends to help with this new business. If hard work really pays off then we should be just fine. I'm looking forward to doing
business with some of my old customers from over the years.We tested the new car and it was actually very good right out
of the box. A person always has doubts in the back of their minds if they've done everything right or not .........It seems we
did our homework well on this car !
November 2008 - Busy working at Evolution
December 2008 - Still busy working at Evolution
January 2009 - Still busy working at Evolution , but got to go to Talladega again with Chris Prussman & Craig Wood
....we had a great time as usual with Craig getting an 8th place finish in the "A".
February 2009 - Still busy working at Evolution !
March 2009 - Still busy working at Evolution ! Man, the time is flying by. We had a couple schools to break up the work
load, which helped.
April 2009 - Still busy working at Evolution ! Got to race finally at Nevada...we won right out of the box with Russell's
car! Every once in a while a guy has to have a perfect night.
May 2009 - Still busy working and racing a little.
June 2009 - We had our Memorial race at Adrian again.It was an awesome night with a great field of cars and great
racing.Jerry Tarwater beat me in the feature after a great race.Tim Setzer finished third and has become the most
consistent finisher of our races so far.My buddy Chris Prussman finally got his act together and garnered the ITP Hard
Charger Award.
July 2009 - Taking time off to relax a little. Russell came and got his car back now that his back has healed.
August 2009 - Been racing Mark Selsor's late model some trying to get the bugs worked out for him.
September 2009 - Built our first show car for IMCA Super Nationals.Kevin Stoa drove Alex Hanson's car up
there.Craig Wood & Dan Tenold raced their asses off all week,and I'm very proud of all they did.These guys mean the
world to me and I hope they always have great success.Danny Charles won our first track championship at Lakeside
Speedway....I am very,very proud of their whole team and what they've done for us.Also been getting settled into our
new building at Evolution.
October 2009 - Got another year older ....Craig was telling me how neat it was that we were both our car
numbers(Craig-43 , Me-47 & 48) in the same year.Numbers are cool ! Kevin Sturgess,Jeff Mueller and Dan Tenold
added to our championship hardware for 2009.We could not have dreamed of having this good of a year our first
year.Thanks to everybody that had faith in us!!
November 2009 - Keeping busy at work with car orders & repairs.I am very excited that Dick Davis has ordered a car
from us for his grandson Tim North.
December 2009 - Just Working
January 2010 - Just Working
February 2010 - Just Working
March 2010 - Just Working
April 2010 - Just Working
May 2010 - Just Working
June 2010 - Just Working
July 2010 - Just Working
August 2010 - Just Working
September 2010 - Just Working