Personal Photo's Of
Family & Friends
My sister and I way
back in 1963 !
Me and my first
racer .... a go kart
my dad built at his
aluminum plant in
1967 ...
I was very proud of
that little car !
Me at KCIR in 1970
standing by Art
Arfons Green
Monster jet car ... I
still think jet-cars are
awesome to
watch.That night
Arfons raced against
Doug Rose in the
Green Mamba !!!
This is my first fan,#1
chief,and brother I never
had, Jim Payne from
We grew up together
and have went
through alot together.
He's raced some and
is still an avid race
fan today.
This is a special
photo from
Christmas 1961-
L-R : Dad, Mom, Me,
Linda, and my
mom's mom, Lena. I
was less than three
months old. This is
one of the very few
pictures of me & my
mom's mother ever
taken together !
Okay , Okay ...
so I
was a bit of an
exhibitionist when I
was young ...
this was 1963 !
October 2,1961
Alan L. Claiborne
was born at the
Medical College of
Virginia Hospital
Born: 6:11 PM
Weight: 6 lbs. 15 oz.